Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bay Area Part.2

On ne peut pas parler de la Bay sans parler de E-40 avec son flow reconnaissable entre 10'000 et qui est l'acteur le plus important de la Bay Area (avec Celly Cell peut-être). Ces trois premiers albums sont ses meilleurs selon moi (je n'ai pas mis le ep de 94').

E-40 - Federal (1993)

Tracklist :

1.Drought Season
2.Rat Heads

4.Outsmart The Po Po's

6.Let Him Have It

8.Extra Manish
9.Carlos Rossi
10.Nuttin Ass Nigga

11.Shouts Out

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E-40 - In Major Way (1995)

Tracklist :

2.Chip In Da Phone
3.Da Bumble
4.Sideways - (with B-Legit/Mac Shon)
6.Sprinkle Me - (with Suga T)
7.Outta Bounds
8.Dusted `N' Disgusted - (with 2Pac/Mac Mall/Spice 1)
9.1-Luv - (with Leviti)
10.Smoke `N' Drank
11.Dey Ain't No
12.Fed - (with Suga T)
13.H.I. Double L - (with B-Legit/Celly Cel)
15.It's All Bad

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E-40 - The Hall Of Game (1996)

Tracklist :

1.Record Haters
2.Rappers' Ball - (featuring Too Short/K-Ci)
3.Growing Up
4.Million Dollar Spot - (featuring 2Pac/B-Legit)
5.Mack Minister
6.I Wanna Thank You
7.Story, The
8.My Drinking Club
9.Ring It - (featuring Spice 1/Keek The Sneak Of 3x Krazy/Harm)
10.Pimp Talk
11.Keep Pimpin'
12.I Like What You Do To Me - (featuring B-Legit)
13.Things'll Never Change
14.Circumstances - (featuring Luniz/Cold 187um/Kokane/Celly Cel/T-Pup)
15.It Is What It Is

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