Friday, December 08, 2006

Nine "B Sides & Unreleased"

You know the flow...

Tracklist :

01 - I'm Comin
02 - Rah Nigga
03 - Six Million Ways To Die
04 - Feel No Guilt feat. Demasters
05 - Who Not Knowin
06 - Whutcha Want (Remix)
07 - It's Ugly
08 - Ova Confident (Remix)
09 - Me, Myself & My Microphone
10 - The Veteran
11 - Whatcha Want (instrumental)
12 - When The Shit Hits The Fan

hit it
password : spooz


kingofallcards said...

nine is one of the most under rated. thanks for this. i miss your more frequent posts, hope you get back to it real soon!!

Crooklyn said...

How did i not add you to my blog roll is beyond me...your on my favs ....but not my blog bad son....just added your HEAT!!!!

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