Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jayo Felony "Take A Ride"

Gangsta rap by James Savage aka Jayo Felony from San Diego, CaliforniA.
Auteur entre autre du morceau Whatcha Gonna Do qui a au moins 3 remix avec des feat différent. Sinon pour l'anecdote notre ami Jayo a dissé Jay-z dans le morceau Catch'em in the Morning.

Tracklist :

1. Lock Down
2. The Loc Is On His Own
3. I'ma Keep Bangin'
4. Homicide
5. Love Boat
6. Sherm Stick
7. Niggas And Bitches
8. Day 1
9. Can't Keep A Gee Down
10. Bitch I'm Through
11. Penitentiary Bound
12. Don't Call Me Nigga
13. They Got Me On Medication
14. Funk 2 Da Head
15. Skit
16. Take A Ride

hit it


T.B.O.L. said...

damn nice blog...been lookin for that og style for a while now.

RipTheJacker said...

Thanks, I would have left a comment sooner if I had an account. Been looking for this, thanks boss.

Anonymous said...

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