Saturday, January 27, 2007

Too $hort pimpin' again

Le meilleur album de Too $hort pour beaucoup. C'est son 10ème album et ça parle toujours de la même chose c'est à dire de pute, de blowjob enfin des trucs dans le genre.

Tracklist :

1. Gettin' It feat. Parliament Funkadelic
2. Survivin' The Game
3. That's Why
4. Bad Ways
5. Fuck My Car
6. Take My Bitch
7. Buy You Some feat. Erick Sermon/M.C Breed/Kool-Ace
8. Pimp Me
9. Baby D
10. Nasty Rhymes
11. Never Talk Down feat. Rappin' 4-Tay/M.C Breed
12. I Must Confess
13. So Watcha Sayin'
14. I've Been Watching You feat. Parliament Funkadelic

hit it

Chaque post sur Too $hort sera suivit d'une série de photo de Aria Giovanni. Cette fois-ci, elle a ramené une copine.


Ritmos y Reflexión said...

could u reupload "The Untold Truth" (Illegal's LP)?? PLEASE!!!

an´dee said...

hey, big paul!

I've been tryin to get at you cause of that post =>,6040.795.html?PHPSESSID=85e777c7c634616d56f7965ff431a045
(word is of T.K.O. Posse)

any chance for a re-up? please..

feel free to request whatever you might be missing from me :) (I'm more into abstract stuff + jazzy hip-hop tunes)


an´dee said...

forgot to give you a mail address, just in case.. :)

Big Paul Castellano said...


Illegal "The Untold Truth"

TKO Posse "Daddys On The Pipe" (word to kore)