Monday, June 18, 2007

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

L'album le plus connu de Roy Ayers, avec un des titres les plus repris de tout les temps "Everybody Loves the Sunshine", l'album passe vraiment d'une traite sans que l'on s'en rende compte, c'est tout simplement très beau, très "chillant", enjoy.

One of Roy Ayers' biggest albums ever! The whole thing's an incredible album of mellow jazzy soul. It shows Roy at the crossroads, perfecting his earlier funk style with a sweet mellow R&B edge, getting a bit slicker, but still staying on the righteous path, and opening up a whole new bag in soul music.

There's a wonderful electric vibe running through the record, not just from Roy's vibes, but from the Fender Rhodes and Arp work by Phillip Woo. Features the landmark title cut "Everybody Loves The Sunshine", one of those tunes that becomes more and more of a classic each year, plus spiritual numbers like "Third Eye" , "Keep on Walking", and "The Golden Rod". Very righteous, and with a cool dope jazzy groove!

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