Sunday, December 03, 2006

Illegal - The Untold Truth

Illegal's The Untold Truth from 1993 is still a classic to this day! Unlike the more clean cut Kris Kross or ABC, these young rappers cursed. But with some tough beats to match it. They never held back on all of their album and they had some funky numbers in Head or Gut, the Erick Sermon funk of We Gets Busy, Diamond D's funky Illegal Will Rock, and Lord Finesse's On The M.I.C. and its no nonsense style.

Tracklist :

1. Back in the Day
2. Illegal Will Rock
3. Head or Gut
4. Crumbsnatcher ft. Diamond
5. We Getz Buzy ft. Erick Sermon
6. Stick 'Em Up
7. Understand the Flow
8. On da M.I.C. ft.A.G & Lord Finesse
9. Ban de Iggidy
10. Lights, Camera, Action
11. Interlude
12. If U Want It

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Stepin said...

Pas mal c'est vrai mais pour moi les Da YOungsta's ont tjs été indétronables. Common let me take you on this hip hop riiiide, move side to siiide let your body gliiide :D

Soundspot said...

Je préfère largement Illegal aussi, We Get Busy est une pure tuerie Hardcore Funk à la E Sermon, je cherche toujours le 12"...